Resource Capital Management, LLC is an asset management and investment advisory company specializing in the development and management of equity security portfolios. The Company utilizes a proprietary financial model employing a unique value approach to stock selection and portfolio construction.




Henry Rolling has earned the following degrees:

  • Masters of Science in Finance
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters of Science in Economics
  • Bachelors of Economics

Rolling is a member of the BETA GAMA SIGMA Honor Society and holds a FINRA SERIES 65 License.

Professional Football

Rolling played in the National Football League (NFL) from 1987 to 1995 and started at Outside Linebacker / Defensive End for the following NFL teams:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Los Angeles Rams

Resource Capital Management, LLC

Rolling is the founder of Resource Capital Management, LLC and has served as the firm’s CEO and CIO since 2009.  In 2009, Rolling finalized the programming and the development of the intellectual property that the firm utilizes to construct all of the firm’s long investment strategies.  In addition, Rolling has developed a Market Directional Trading Model, a Complex Option Trading Model, a Long/Short Investment Trading Model and a Long/Short (Alternative Hedge) Investment Trading Model.

In 2014 Rolling managed and provided advisory services for AUM of $6 million

Rolling also serves as the firm’s Portfolio Manager and provides the following in that capacity:

  • Conducts client interviews for investment advisory services.
  • Utilizes the Resource Capital investment model to select stocks to be included in stock portfolios.
  • Establishes and opens all brokerage accounts via the following firms:
  • Submits and executes all equity and option trades for all brokerage accounts.
  • Monitors and conducts portfolio risk analysis.
  • Utilizes the Resource Capital investment model to rebalance stock portfolios.

Rolling serves as the firm’s Compliance Officer and provides the following in that capacity:

  • Ensures that all SEC and Nevada State Securities Division statues are followed and adhered to.
  • Responsible for all SEC filings including FORM ADV.

Stephen Lopez-Bowlan is a member of Resource Capital Asset Management, LLC. He began serving as the firm’s CFO in 2016 and provides the following in that capacity:

  • Monitors investment performance
  • Assists in risk management initiatives
  • In charge of financial planning and accounting
  • Presents and reports accurate and timely historical information of the Company
  • Oversees the capital structure of the Company
  • Economic strategy and forecasting
  • Accountable for the administrative, financial and risk management operations of the Company
  • Oversees the Company’s transaction processing systems
  • Manages any third parties to which functions have been outsourced
  • Constructs and monitors reliable control systems

Lopez-Bowlan has earned the following degree:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude – Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH – 1981.

Lopez-Bowlan has the following designations and is a member of the following organizations:

  • Certified Public Accountant, Washington – 1985 to Present.
  • Member Global Wealth Alliance – 2007 to 2008.
  • Member European Family Office Alliance – 2006 to 2008.
  • Member Northern Trust Wealth Management Group Client Advisory Board – 2005 to 2007.
  • Member Northern Trust Global Investments Client Advisory Board – 2002 to 2005.
  • Member AICPA Expatriation Task Force – 2000 to Present.
  • Assisted in drafting expatriation tax law changes – 1987.
  • Member Institute of Management Accountants – 1992 to Present.
  • Member AICPA – 1985 to Present.
  • Lopez-Bowlan has spent most of his 30 year career focused on wealth management for high net worth individuals. Initially his efforts were focused on tax issues while at Price Waterhouse in Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco.  Through his experience as a senior executive in the family offices of internationally recognized families, he gained leading edge finance and investment experience.  In these family offices he built and/or re-built the structure of the organization to improve the level and the nature of the services provided to the families.
  • Lopez-Bowlan was the CEO and Founder of Wealth Management Services, a company involved in consulting on a wide variety of wealth management issues, including investment policy, investment process and procedures, organizational and portfolio risk, governance, strategic planning, taxation, finance, and the organizational structures through which wealth management services are provided.
  • Lopez-Bowlan was an independent trustee and chairman of the audit committee of One Fund, an exchange traded fund (ETF) that invested in other ETFs to develop a diversified equity portfolio targeted to young professionals without prior investment experience. The management company for the ETF was acquired by Russell Investments in the spring of 2010 and is the foundation of Russell’s entry into the ETF investment space.
  • Lopez-Bowlan has been active with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in the area of taxation of expatriates, including drafting the sentence in the US tax law that allowed double tax relief on taxes paid on the income of expatriates.

Jim O’Donnell, CFA
Greg Kapoustin, CFA



Resource Capital Model Portfolio Performance

Please see Performance Disclosures  provided at the end of this webpage.

2010 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2010 RC Model Long 60 34.54% 34.54%
  • 2010 Russell 1000 Value Index 15.50% 15.50%
  • 2010 Russell 1000 Index 16.11% 16.11%
  • 2010 S&P 500 TR 15.06% 15.06%

2011 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2011 RC Model Long 60 16.11% 16.11%
  • 2011 Russell 1000 Value Index .38% .38%
  • 2011 Russell 1000 Index 1.51% 1.51%
  • 2011 S&P 500 TR 2.11% 2.11%

2012 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2012 RC Model Long 60 40.61% 40.61%
  • 2012 Russell 1000 Value Index 17.51% 17.51%
  • 2012 Russell 1000 Index 16.42% 16.42%
  • 2012 S&P 500 TR 16% 16%

2013 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2013 RC Model Long 60 47.99% 47.99%
  • 2013 Russell 1000 Value Index 32.52% 32.52%
  • 2013 Russell 1000 Index 33.12% 33.12%
  • 2013 S&P 500 TR 33.39% 33.39%

2014 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2014 RC Model Long 60 16.97% 16.97%
  • 2014 Russell 1000 Value Index 13.43% 13.43%
  • 2014 Russell 1000 Index 13.23% 13.23%
  • 2014 S&P 500 TR 13.69% 13.69%

2015 Performance

RC Long 60 Model

  • 2015 RC Model Long 60 1.26% 1.26%
  • 2015 Russell 1000 Value Index -3.94% -3.94%
  • 2015 Russell 1000 Index 0.78% 0.78%
  • 2015 S&P 500 TR 1.41% 1.41%

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